Commercial Jet Boating

Available for transport, survey, testing and other commercial work. Does your company need safe access to lakes, rivers and waterways? Wild Earth Adventures has a Maritime NZ surveyed jet boat available supplied with a certified Maritime NZ Jet Boat driver. The Wild Earth Adventures jet boat can safely transport your staff and equipment wherever you need to get them to.

Gear Hire

Get out and enjoy the outdoors!
We have a great range of outdoor gear available for hire to help you enjoy your outdoor experience. Gear for hire includes, wetsuits, booties, satellite phone, packs, tramping boots, tents, marquee, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, camp cookers, outdoor clothing, rain jackets and many other items. Stay safe with the right gear.

School Activities

Wild Earth Adventures offer fun, safe and positive experiences that inspire young people to spend time in the outdoors, meet educational objectives and, of course, are of the highest safety standard. Activities include, rafting, ABL, sea kayaking, archery, the RiverSafe programme, team building, bushcraft and more. Simply contact us for an individualised quote for your EOTC programme.